Celebrating Gay Pride Around the World

Pride is a global celebration. Every year the month of June is a chance for connection and advocacy in the community. Worldwide, it has become the center for all things LGBTI.

The first gathering happened in June 1970, one year after the Stonewall Riots in New York City. The yearly event has grown exponentially since that time. It is a time for many things; one of them is definitely politics. The Stonewall Riots ignited a spark that became the modern fight for LGBTI rights, and that spark lives on. Whatever is happening in the community has always been represented in these June events, whether it's been fighting for marriage equality or to spread the word about violence or other issues. The march marks these moments in history.

But it's also always been more than a moment to raise issues. This has been an event where people have always been able to be themselves, even if they can't in the rest of their lives. The Gay Pride Parade is a time for connecting with new and old friends, celebrating, relaxing, and soaking up the spirit of this time.

It's that spirit which has led to Gay Pride spreading around the world.

There are events nearly everywhere. Some of them huge and some of them small, but all of them carrying that spark. Some of the largest events in the world have happened in São Paulo, Madrid, and New York City. Many people travel the globe over to show up to these celebrations.

While there is a heart that unites everyone, these events are also a time for diverse voices to be heard. Lesbian, gay, transgender, and bisexual people all have their own voices needing to be heard. Some larger events can be worth traveling to for this reason. With a big enough gathering, you will attend a Gay Pride Parade where people of different backgrounds are represented in sizeable groups. This can help you find people to connect with. Especially because there will be meetups specifically for groups of transgender people, a lesbian meetup, or meetups for disabled people. There are also often meetups for people with specific interests, like LGBTI folk who love techno music. With a big enough Gay Pride event, you can find meetups for everything.

That doesn’t mean attending your local event isn’t worthwhile. Meeting people locally means you’ll be able to hang out with them year round. It is also a chance to have your voice heard on local issues, and to meet up with old friends.

Wherever it is you attend Pride in the world, enjoy the celebrations and have a good time.