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The biggest prides of the world

The World

The worldwird statistic is very interesting. you thouht that a pride in new york is the biggest? no, it is not. The new york pride just has about 500.000 guests - the pride in sao paulo in brasilia has much more. the biggest pride of the usa is in san francisco.

  • 1. São Paulo / Brasil: 3.000.000 Visitors
  • 2. San Francisco / USA: 1.700.000 Visitors
  • 3. Madrid / Spain: 1.500.000 Visitors
  • 4. Toronto / Canada: 1.200.000 Visitors
  • 5. London / England: 1.000.000 Visitors

Im Europe

In europe there are many big pride parades - in big european main capital cities like amsterdam or london.