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Toronto Pride 2018
North America
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About Toronto Pride 2018

Each June, LGBTI residents and tourists and their allies descend on the streets of Toronto, Ontario Canada for their annual Gay Pride celebration. The month-long event provides something for everyone and culminates with the annual Pride Parade and street fair.

Gay and lesbian patrons can attend cultural events during pride month, including operas, pride-themed art shows, religious gatherings, and historical accounts of the struggles and victories of the LGBTI community. These are important events and appeal to those interested in activism and the history of the community. Learn about the struggles of those who have suffered through the HIV/AIDS epidemic, have escaped persecution and become refugees from their home countries, and continue to fight the stigmas still running rampant, most notably among the bi and trans communities.

Those looking for more of a party atmosphere can attend any number of pool parties, nightclubs, and plenty of drag shows featuring some of the best artists Toronto has to offer. The Drag Ball is the premiere event for queens and kings to show off their talented acts and unforgettable fashions.

Families of all types, shapes, and sizes can find plenty to do. The Pup Pride Parade is a great opportunity for gay and lesbian fur-parents to show off their babies and meet other gay dog owners. Families with children can attend several kid-friendly events, most notably Family Pride which is a weekend filled with sports, arts and crafts, live music and performances, and plenty of time to swap parenting stories.

Those more focused on athletic endeavors will find plenty to keep them feeling active. Indoor cycling classes are held throughout the month, and the annual 5K walk/run benefits local organizations committed to supporting the community.

In addition to the main parade, smaller marches and rallies occur throughout the month. Each year the lesbian community comes together for the Dyke March, while the trans community gathers for the Trans March. Both events are geared towards political and social demonstrations to raise awareness among their communities, while also having fun and celebrating with their allies and each other.

The last and most memorable events of Toronto Pride are the Pride Parade and Street Fair. The final weekend of June begins with the fair, which showcases local artists, businesses, and organizations, plus plenty of food and entertainment. The fair is home base for the weekend, with parade marchers and attendees ending here.

The Gay Pride March is the cornerstone of Toronto Pride Month, featuring unforgettable floats, performances, local groups, and political demonstrations. Prepare to be covered in glitter as one of the largest pride parades in North America takes over the city in celebration of the trials and tribulations of the entire community.

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