on this page you find details for the gay pride parade in Tel Aviv for the year 2019.


Tel Aviv Pride 2019
Tel Aviv
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About Tel Aviv Pride 2019

Gay Pride Week in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is considered one of the world’s most gay-friendly cities. The Tel Aviv Pride Parade begins as the week’s festivities draw to a close. Tel Aviv really values the importance of Pride Week. Each year, international visitors flock to the city’s streets for the occasion. Even the local government is outspoken in its support of the LGBTI community.

The event is definitely one of the largest festivals of the year in the Israeli City. Tel Aviv Pride Week is held every June and ends on Friday with the Pride Parade. This year, the Pride Parade will be held on June 14th.
Israel is also the best country for LGBTI rights within the Middle East. Its capital is the gay pride capital of the Middle East. Openly lesbian individuals are allowed to serve in the military.

In other Middle Eastern countries, the gay and lesbian community are shunned and it is a rarity to see LGBTI relationships in the open.
What also sets the city apart is its party scene. The Israeli capital is already world-famous for its nightlife. Unlike most other cities, the Israeli city's queer nightlife is centered around parties instead of specific clubs or bars. This really brings that festive spirit to different parts of the city.
Visitors come to enjoy the beach and also the city’s warm vibes. The Pride Parade march begins at 12 at Ben Zion Boulevard. It then makes its way across the beachfront. The Gay Parade can be seen on full display on the streets of Bograshov, Havarkon, Herbert Samuel, and Frishman. The main event is always held at Charles Clore Park. Last year, Netta Barzilia, Israel’s 2018 Eurovision Winner, sang at the main event.

In 2018, the main event was hosted was Tel Aviv’s pro-gay mayor, Ron Huldai. You can watch some spectacularly decorated floats make their way across the closed streets of the city. Andy Cohen was Parade’s International Ambassador for 2018. People visit during this time from China to Germany in the spirit of equality.
The British Embassy also sponsors the Week’s activities. The UK's Ambassador is even an openly gay individual.

Israel really is a country that embraces Gay Pride. If you’re concerned about security, don’t worry, there is plenty of police and volunteers around to maintain order. Thousands of visitors have come for Pride Week for decades with few incidents to cause concern.

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