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Sao Paulo Pride 2019
South America
Sao Paulo
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About Sao Paulo Pride 2019

São Paulo Pride and the Biggest Party of the Year

Brazil has long been a leading country in South America for LGBTI rights, so it comes as no surprise that the São Paulo Pride Parade continuously rivals New York City's as the biggest in the world.

A city famed for its Grand Prix Formula One event, São Paulo first extended its party-ready and inclusive atmosphere to celebrating LGBTI Brazilians and tourists in 1997, and since then, their Pride Parade hasn't slowed down. As far as any Pride Parade is concerned, São Paulo sets an impressive scene. The 2017 São Paulo Pride employed around 2,000 policeman, 55 nurses, 46 doctors, and 30 on-call ambulances. The support by the Brazilian government pays off, as the Pride event drew over 5 million people.

But you don't have to rely on statistics to believe that this Pride event is one massive party. According to Grindr, a popular LGBTI dating app, São Paulo's parade is the best global Gay Pride event of the year. So what exactly does the most famous Gay Pride event look like?

The city begins preparing for the big event three weeks before. Everything from dances, debates, and concerts to food festivals, fairs, and movies start showcasing various forms of gay, lesbian, and transgender love and identity. So while the official event only lasts five days, its worth it to visit the city in the upcoming weeks if you're looking for a more varied experience.

At noon on the day of the parade, attendees begin congregating at the parade's starting point, the picturesque Museum of Art of São Paulo, which is also known to host artwork produced by gay and lesbian Brazilian artists. The parade finally kicks off between 2:00 and 3:00 PM, traveling 2.6 miles to finish in downtown district late at night, around 10:00 PM. The focal point of the parade are the numerous colorful floats decorated and ridden by locals and tourists alike.

Once the parade finishes, the true party begins. Famed places like Bar Secreto and L'Amour, an old red light district staple, never stop the music during Pride Week. Some parties will be exclusively for the LGBTQ crowd, while others will be giant dance floors bumping hits by Beyonce and Britney Spears for everyone to enjoy.

While it's easy to get distracted by the party atmosphere, the primary objective of São Paulo's parade is political. Each year, the organizers of the event create a slogan to highlight main issues surrounding LGBTQ rights and protest to enact change over a variety of different issues. In 2013, attendees focused on changing Brazilian law to allow same-sex marriage.

So, if combining political protest with colorful partying seems the perfect fit for you, then don't miss out on São Paulo's historic parade.

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