on this page you find details for the gay pride parade in Rome for the year 2019.


Rome Pride 2019
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About Rome Pride 2019

There are few more stunning backdrops to a Pride Parade than that of the historic buildings of Rome, including the Colosseum. Each year, the LGBTI community of Italy and visitors from around the world descend on the Italian capital to take part in the week-long celebration of Gay and Lesbian Pride. This annual regularly attracts more than 500,000 members of the community and their supporters in an atmosphere which has taken on extra significance as the shadow of the Catholic Church hangs over the nation of Italy.

The series of events linked to Gay Pride in Italy and across the world is celebrated in a series of events culminating in a Pride Parade of more than two miles at the start of June each year. The party atmosphere linked to the Rome Pride event is the culmination of a series of events including parties, sporting events, and a series of artistic exhibitions. This Pride event takes an artistic view of the LGBTI community as it includes a number of film screenings and performance art exhibits reflecting the artistic nature of one of the world's great capitals.

To bring the Rome Pride event to a close the usual route of the parade takes in many of the most famous landmarks of Rome which include the Collosium starting in Piazza Della Repubblica. The march continues through the streets made famous by the movies of Federico Fellini which includes performances from many popular bands and singers. The addition of many special guests and star performers has added to the importance of this Gay Pride staple. Unlike many different events held around the world, Rome Pride stands as the start of a Summer-long festival celebrating a range of different aspects of Gay and Lesbian culture in the Italian capital and around the world.

One of the most important aspects of the Pride culture is raising awareness of the work being done to raise awareness of the problems and political issues facing the LGBTI community. One of the biggest issues facing the community in Italy is the influence of religious groups on obtaining equal rights for members of the Gay and lesbian community. The march through the streets of the capital is often politically charged along with being a great time with dancing and fabulous floats. The Gay Pride in Rome has become a must-visit for all who are looking to educate themselves and enjoy an exuberant celebration.

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