on this page you find details for the gay pride parade in Paris for the year 2019.


Paris Pride 2019
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About Paris Pride 2019

Each year, the Gay Pride events taking place in Paris, New York, and around the world celebrate the beginnings of the modern Gay and Lesbian rights movement. The events at New York's Stonewall Inn and the subsequent riots united the global LGBTI community and gave birth to the Pride events which now take place around the world. The Paris Pride event is one of the best-loved and largest of these events taking place each June to celebrate a community which has grown to be ranked as the second largest in the world behind that found in New York.

The Paris Pride event has been known by the Marche des Fiertes LGBQI since 2016 when the Pride events taking place for over 40 years was rebranded by the board of the event. The Gay Pride movement began as a way of showing solidarity with those affected directly by the Stonewall events in 1969 and has grown to become one of the most important cultural attractions of major cities around the world. The culmination of the largest event in Paris comes in the form of a march starting in the historic Pace de Concorde and takes in many of the most famous locations in the "City of Light" before arriving in the Place de la Republique three hours later.

The Pride Parade comes after a week of cultural, educational, and social events taking place across much of the city, including many of the most famous government-owned locations. One of the most important features of this thoroughly French celebration of the Gay and Lesbian community is the wide range of educational events allowing visitors to learn about the battle for equal rights. Understanding the battle for equality regardless of sexual orientation or gender has not yet been won, the Pride Parade and week of events also seeks to raise awareness of the ongoing fight of the LGBTI community.

Much of the work done to expand and enhance the Paris Pride week of cultural events are placed at the door of the openly gay Mayor Bertrand Delanoe who led the parade on many occasions. Included in one of the world's largest Gay Pride celebrations are events including exhibitions, bingo, roller skating, and the parade with over 50 floats. The history of the acceptance of the rights of the LGBTI community stretches back as far as the 18th-century in France and leads the reasons why the Pride Parade is so important to the people of the city of Paris.

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