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Mexico City Pride 2019
South America
Mexico City
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About Mexico City Pride 2019

The Mexico City LGBTI Parade is known as the Marcha del Orgullo LGBTI de la Cuidad de Mexico in Spanish. It is considered to be one of the more popular and fun Gay Pride Parades in Latin America and the world. It occurs every year in June and is a party to remember. The Mexican capital has one of the largest LGBT populations in Latin America. The Mexico City Pride festivities last for over a week.

It’s said that over a million individuals attend the annual fiesta. It begins at the Angel of Independence and is followed by an all-night revel in the Zocalo. The Zocalo is truly a spectacular monument that has been a place for people to throw fiestas since the Aztec period. The Parade is largely held in Mexico City’s gay and lesbian neighborhood, the Zona Rosa.

The main event of Mexico City Pride is the Marcha de la Diversidad, which translates to the Diversity March. The Diversity March begins at 10 AM. Many restaurants and nightlife spots in the area will cater to queer and lesbian patrons and offer specific promotions for the Pride event.

The very first pride was held in 1978. The Mexican city is well-known for fostering a friendly environment towards the queer and lesbian community. Recently, the Pride Parade coincided with a World Cup victory by the Mexican national soccer team. Many World Cup fans and Gay Pride Parade attendees celebrated together in the streets of the capital. The Gay Pride March is all about enjoying the moment and expressing your true individuality. This is something that both football fans and the LGBT community can participate in.
The Mexican capital is one of the hottest destinations for LGBT travelers. It’s home to fantastic museums, lively nightlife, and delicious food. The Roma and Condesa neighborhoods also have a thriving gay scene apart from the Zona Rosa. It’d be especially enjoyable to visit during Pride week as it is the largest gathering of LGBT individuals in Latin America.

If you’re deciding to attend, just be forewarned that the city is incredibly hot during this time of year. Also, keep your valuables close by. The crowds can be intense and petty thieves may take advantage of the situation.
Don’t forget to enjoy it! The LGBT Pride Parade in Mexico City is a truly unique experience. It’s a one in a lifetime opportunity to party next to some of Latin America’s wildest personalities.

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