on this page you find details for the gay pride parade in Madrid for the year 2019.


Madrid Pride 2019
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About Madrid Pride 2019

The nation of Spain may have been one of the last to embrace the Gay Pride phenomenon but it has since gone on to host some of the largest events in the world. Madrid Pride is one of the largest events celebrating the LGBTI community in the world surpassed only by those held in San Francisco on a global scale. Members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, and Intersex community flock to Madrid from all over Europe as this is seen as the biggest Pride Parade and party in Europe.

The Gay Pride movement began in earnest in response to the police raid at the Stonewall Inn in New York City in 1969. Across the planet, the riots and injustice of police in New York led to an outpouring of sympathy which resulted in celebrations of lesbian and gay culture springing up in the forerunner to the current global list of events. Spain was being led by the Franco dictatorship which barred all news of Stonewall entering the country, leading to the first Pride events celebrating LGBTI diversity not being seen until the late 1970s.

Madrid Pride found a natural home in the downtown Chueca neighborhood which has been its location since the mid-1980s when the first organized groups were established there. In 2017, the success of the Pride events in Madrid led to the Spanish capital hosting the semi-annual WorldPride event saw Madrid placed on the global map of the community which now recognizes the city as the host of one of the world's biggest parties to celebrate Gay culture.

Events in other European cities may receive more attention in the media, such as London and Paris, but by sheer weight of number, the party in Madrid remains the largest in Europe. In 2018, almost two million people gathered in Madrid for the event which takes place over the final weekend of June and brings to an end the annual celebration across Spain taking in events in Barcelona and other major cities. Each year the ten days of events begin with an announcement to kick off proceedings in Chueca Square which is the location for the Pride Parade taking place over the course of the end of June. The annual parade takes place on a Saturday immediately after the International Day of LGBTI Pride and brings to a close a series of lectures, fashion events, and an annual festival.

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