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Chicago Pride 2019
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About Chicago Pride 2019

The Chicago Pride Parade is held annually in June. It is one of the largest Gay Pride Parades in the world and occurs on the last Sunday of June. The first Parade was in 1970, and ever since the city of Chicago has been an LGBTI hub for the Midwest. The Pride Parade was historically held only in the neighborhood of Lake View East. Lake View East is a part of the greater Lakeview neighborhood on the North side. Next to it, is the LGBTI heart of the city, Boystown. The Parade is held on the last weekend of June to help commemorate the Stonewall Riots. The Stonewall Riots occurred as a response to a police raid at the Stonewall Inn in New York, which was a haven for LGBTI people.
Now, the Parade is one of the most well-known Pride Parades in the world. One of the best things about it – there’s no fee to attend! There is also no age requirement. There’s plenty of family-fun entertainment.
After the Parade events on Saturday and Sunday, partygoers make their way into one of the many clubs and bars situated in Boystown and Lakeview.
Nowadays, the Parade reaches as far north as Uptown and as south as lower Lincoln Park. The Parade receives funding from local politicians and the lesbian community. Over years, the LGBT community has exponentially grown in the city of Chicago, which has made the Parade all the more important. Many Illinois politicians have even made public appearances at the Parade. Last year, Orlando “El Fenomeno” Cruz, led the Chicago Pride Parade. He was the world’s first openly gay boxer. He also led the Chicago Puerto Rican Pride Parade as King.
The Parade can see upwards of 750,000 participants at one time! It is really a festival where you can have a once in a lifetime experience while expressing Gay Pride. Many people travel from across the Midwest and the world to attend.

The entire month of June is the Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, and the Parade is the grand finale. The Pride Weekend is just more than just a Parade. There are events, music, and food throughout the weekend. Last year, the Parade began on June 24th. The Parade begins at Montrose and Broadway and ends at Diversey and Sheridan.
The Parade is something that’s definitely worth attending. It is an example of our ability to express ourselves, no matter our background.

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