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Berlin Pride 2019
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About Berlin Pride 2019

Celebrate Pride at the Christopher Street Day Parade

Every summer, thousands of people flock to the German capital of Berlin to celebrate pride during several major festivals. The first celebration of the LGBTI community in Germany was held on July 30th, 1979 in the cities of Berlin and Bremen on what is today called Christopher Street Day (CSD). The collective goal of these festivals is to show support for the equal rights and treatment of members who belong to the LGBTI community and to display lesbian and gay pride in their community and allies.

Nowadays, the pride parade held in Berlin is the largest parade in the country of Germany. Berlin pride celebrations even rank in the top for large crowds in Europe. In fact, a program of activities usually begins at the end of May and goes through until July in honor of gay pride. Rainbow flags, incredible costumes, and politically-charged discussions are everywhere when you attend. The most impactful event of the season is the Lesbian and Gay City Festival, which dominates the festivities in terms of activities and people in attendance.

Portions of the festivities have a few interesting quirks, however, compared to some other celebrations in cities around the world. One example relates to the gay pride parade itself, which is arguably the main focal point of the celebration. The parade held on Christopher Street Day features large buses and trucks, instead of traditional parade floats. Each bus or truck is essentially a moving party and the craziest ones attract the most dedicated followers among the LGBTI community. People gather around outside of the best trucks and buses to dance along to the music blasting from within them.

Following the end of the parade at the famous Brandenburg Gate, a large Pride Rally is held for those in attendance. The rally eventually turns into another street party - full of food, fun, and great people. There is also the official party of Berlin's gay pride celebrations, called UNITY, which features famous names from nightclubs and elsewhere. The UNITY party also features live shows and a DJ to draw party-ready crowds.

Those in charge of Berlin pride celebrations know how to go all out. The gay and lesbian community, along with their allies, show up in full force from all over Germany, Europe, and the world to join the massive party. However, criticism has been thrown at several festivals that are part of the celebrations. Most criticisms concern the increasing commercial nature of the parades, which feature more sponsors and advertisements every year. The presence of political parties at many parades and rallies also leaves a sour taste in many people's mouths concerning the celebration of Christopher Street Day (CSD).

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