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A simple introduction to gay prides

How It All Started

Gay pride marches started out as protests against LGBTI rights suppression. In 1969, riots broke out after years of inequality and bad treatment. A police raid on the gay bar Stonewall Inn is what sparked the protests. In reality, the Stonewall incident was the final ingredient to push everyone over the edge. Officially, the first march was organized by the Chicago Gay Liberation on June 27th, 1970. The date chosen commemorated the Stonewall events, bringing even more attention to inequality in the area. With a prime location and a date where everyone could watch, the first march caught substantial attention worldwide. What started out as a local march would be the beginning of something very special around the world. The march was such a success, that a few participants changed course and made their way to Civic Center Plaza.

Christopher Street Liberation Day

Since the Stonewall incident took place at a New York gay bar, it made sense to bring awareness of the incident to the local area. Backed by the strength of the first pride parade, Christopher Street Day was a guaranteed success for LGBT rights. The founders for this lesbian and gay pride parade were Craig Rodwell, Fred Sargeant, Ellen Broidy and Linda Rhodes. This became the first pride parade in New York, with future parades following a similar standard. The popularity of the parade spread to European LGBT organizations, making Christopher Street Day an official demonstration across Europe. Lesbian, gay and even straight couples were invited to attend the event.

Annual events are held around the world to highlight the past (and present) struggle of the LGBTI community. The focus has always been to introduce equality for all regardless of race, sexual orientation and religion. Although New York and California are popular hotspots for the marches, LGBTI appreciation extends worldwide.

The Pride Parade

Despite blowback from smaller critics, several pride parades have taken place without incident. The main talking point for detractors of the pride parades became moot when the original was organized by the Chicago Gay Liberation. Pride parades and the week leading up to it have transformed into displays of unity for all genders. There are still solemn reminders of inequality, but they don’t detract from the upbeat energy of the event. LGBTI parades are accepted in many countries, even those with historically bad reputations for equality.

Wrap Up

Politicians and celebrities are now more open about their feelings towards gay pride parades. It wasn’t a turning point, but their acceptance showed a growth for acceptance outside of the community. LGBTI rights still have a long way to go, and hate crimes are still on the radar. Pride parades serve as a safe space for everyone to voice their opinion for the entire world to hear.

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